Belt No Arm New


A very unique sewing machine working without arm or impediment on the right side. Made from DURKOPP ADLER M-TYPE 867


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Buraschi Italia Srl is proud to present a world exclusive, the NEW and very unique net sewing machine BELT NO ARM, working without any arm or impediment on the right side, where usually an impediment is located (machine main pulley). 
You could save time and get a perfect execution on sewing/coupling two layers of material since the 2 layers runs through the machine at the same speed  because  the layer on the right of the needle  is not stopped/braked by the machine arm. The coupling between the materials will be free of “waves” the seam result perfectly coplanar. BELT NO ARM is a high-end and heavy duty machine designed and engineered for sewing almost any kind of wide materials, like big canvas , tarpaulins or any large sheet of flexible material as well as knotted or knotless nets and so on.
This special net sewing machine has double needle lock stitch and large capacity bobbin casing.
Hoping our NEW net sewing machine BELT NO ARM is to your liking, we are at your service for any test, samples or whatever you may need.

BELT NO ARM pneumatic

The NEW BELT NO ARM is equipped with a very strong and pratical EFKA DC series electronic motor. This electronic motor, on the contrary to traditional motors, enables:
• Sewing speed to be adjusted with the pedal;
• The needle to be stopped in the pre-set position;
• The suitable speed for each operation to be chosen and programmed on the display;
• Better operation given the electronic motor has superior construction characteristics compared to traditional motors.

These are a few of the main characteristics of the NEW BELT NO ARM that is presented to the market after about 12 years of experience gained at our customers.
We are constantly trying to provide you with more up-to-date machines that meet our customer’s needs.

Our NEW BELT NO ARM is supplied with the following accessories:
• Air compressor and cleaning pistol
• Spare needles
• Sewing kit
• Wrenches
• Lubrication oil

Our NEW BELT NO ARM is supplied with the following accessories:
• Complete sewing unit as showed in our leaflet, including two ribbon support, 4 wheels and 4 adjustable feet
• In built silenced compressor
• Upper and lower adjustable binder for ribbon
• Sewing thickness 12mm
• Walking foot bar
• Electronic motor with adjustable sewing speed & remote controller
• Automatic backtracking
• Backward and forward sewing options
• Automatic bobbin-end signal
• Thread trimmer
• Led light
• Two years warranty period


Belt No Arm New particolare 1

Belt No Arm New particolare

BELT NO ARM pneumatic

BELT NO ARM pneumatic

BELT NO ARM pneumatic

BELT NO ARM pneumatic