H450A pneumatic


For agriculture nets


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Our BURASCHI H450A PNEUMATIC has recently been put on the market to meet the great demand of our clients.
It is an evolution of our previous net sewing machine H300 PNEUMATIC with the following implementations:
• H450A PNEUMATIC can work with small ropes during sewing.
• Greater strength of the main components, including: looper lever, looper, plates, presser foot.
• Greater overall strength of the whole sewing machine.
• Greater ease in making timing.
• Increased capacity of seam.
• Increase in the width of the seam.
• Greater speed.

It also meets both light, medium and medium/high thickness edging needs in the agricultural sector and those of the edges of netting with or without raphia filling.
Our BURASCHI H450A PNEUMATIC model is amongst the best for strength of its sewing components, for speed and range of accessories that complete the workstation. Our professional BURASCHI H450A PNEUMATIC is supplied with electronic adjustable speed motor to better predetermine the sewing speed, according to the count of the netting; needle positioner to predetermine the stop position and prevent the overheated needle from melting the single thread and thus unthreading the machine. The double seam, once cut, is very robust and does not come apart easily, as the needle penetrates the netting (without damaging it) and the very fine and resistant thread, combined with the length of the stitch, makes the coupling highly resistant. Our net sewing machine BURASCHI H450A PNEUMATIC is equipped with a pneumatic foot raiser controlled by a counter-pedal and synchronised pneumatic puller: the puller moves the material forward only when the needle has exited the netting, thus making sewing easier.
Furthermore our BURASCHI H450A PNEUMATIC is equipped with refinishing guide and creel so that the threads are fed correctly even if supplied on weaving support.

H450A pneumatic

• The main guiding slits of the stitching head are covered in ceramic
• 9 position creel able to house kops of different colours or counts
• Puller synchronized with the length of the stitch
• Needle cooling system (optional)
• Stitch counter (optional)
• Variable speed EFKA motor with needle positioner
• Extremely sturdy support with wheels and fastening stands

H450A pneumatic
Examples of shading net with 3-wire overlock and monofilament 0.20 HT

H450A pneumatic
Example of protection from sun and wind with 3-wire overlock and monofilament 0.20 HT

H450A pneumatic
View of the pneumatic puller.

H450A pneumatic
Creel for housing the coils of monofilament HT for the seam.

H450A pneumatic