RP3 BR pneumatic


This model is suitable both for medium and medium-high seams of nets with or without knots or rope inserts up to 16 mm in diameter


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This new version has been especially designed to improve sewing and it is the result of what we have been learning during years of selling and custom modifying our machines. The following list briefly sums up the main advantages provided by our pneumatic sewing machine RP3 BR PNEUMATIC.

Besides making minor components stronger, we have developed a new needle bar which prevents the needle from bending when in the lowest position. The lowest position is the critical point where the needle comes into contact with the left side looper (81508), from which the seam is built. Getting to the lowest point precisely means a better performance.

This new version is equipped with a pneumatic electromechanical cylinder hoisting the presser foot; this system allows to raise the machine as much as possible by simply operating the coaster brake. This by pressing the driving control treadle in one direction you shall have sewing, whereas in the opposite direction you shall hoist the presser foot.

This improved version of our RP3 BR PNEUMATIC is equipped with a new puller system which presses the material by means of a pneumatic electromechanical cylinder (and no longer by a spring as was in the previous version). The main advantage is that a constant pressure is applied onto the material to be sewn. The pressure is kept constant also in a case of differences in the height of the material (should the puller rollers allow that to happen). The result is great flexibility and no wavering or blocking, which may compromise operation.

RP3 BR pneumatic

The new RP3 BR PNEUMATIC is equipped with a very strong and practical EFKA DC 1550 series electronic motor. This electronic motor, on the contrary to traditional ones, enables:
• Sewing speed to be adjusted with the pedal;
• The needle to be stopped in the pre-set position;
• The suitable speed for each operation to be chosen and programmed on the display;
• The best operation thanks to the electronic motor is also due to structural characteristics higher than the conventional ones.

Our net sewing machine is supplied with the following accessories: Air compressor and cleaning pistol / Spare needles / Sewing kit / Wrenches / Lubrication oil.



RP3 BR pneumatic
Detail of the net sewing machine RP3 BR PNEUMATIC.

RP3 BR pneumatic
It was possible to achieve and to concentrate with the utmost care all the pneumatic and electro-pneumatic commands of our machine. Therefore, the maintenance, the control and the setting are somewhat facilitated.

RP3 BR pneumatic
The control device of all the functions of the motor EFKA DC1550, the flagship version of the leading company EFKA. It contains all the tabs, the control buttons and technical setting , allowing many automation features that simplify sewing. In addition, the noise impact is practically zero. Besides the high quality of this motor, its peculiarity is that it does not run (avoiding wear and power consumption) when the machine is turned on, but it is not sewing. This feature allows you to save up to 50% energy compared to a conventional motor.

RP3 BR pneumatic
Special steel blunt tipped needle, exclusively Buraschi, designed to avoid damaging the fibers of the net.