RP5 BR pneumatic short


Installed on a Short Length Table Top

This model is suitable both for medium and high seams of nets with or without knots or rope inserts up to 20 mm in diameter

Special version installed on a short lenght table top. Full feature machine in only 80 cm (31,50 in.)
Machine able to joining nets providing elastic seam once required.


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Our net sewing machine RP5 BR PNEUMATIC is designed to satisfy the increasing demand for machines able to sew thicker nets. Therefore, this model is suitable both for medium and high seams of nets with or without knots or rope inserts up to 20 mm in diameter.

Sewing thickness of 20 mm is easily achieved. For example net with #5 knot can be joined with a 15/16 mm rope. For the aquaculture field, for example, a 20 mm rope can be sewn to a 210/60 net without knots easily.

Our RP5 BR PNEUMATIC model is suitable for thicker nets, therefore sewing parts and all mechanical components are appropriately sized to withstand the pressure. This model can almost be defined an enlarged copy of our RP3 BR PNEUMATIC model.

It is very important to have pneumatic sewing servo assistance (foot pedal lifting, puller lifting, needle positioning etc.); individual sewing operations are involved. Kindly note that said pneumatic servo assistance does not make the machine increasingly subject to faults, in fact these are reduced owing to more efficient operation.

Our puller, like most of those that are installed on our net sewing machines, are components specially designed, manufactured and patented by us. Actually they are not “standard” components found on the market and then adapted to the specific needs of the machine on which they have to be installed. Having said this, we herewith confirm that the puller installed on this machine is of the type with both upper and lower drive roller, with a very powerful traction that suits the thicker nets this machine has to sew. The puller is synchronised with the length of the stitch and presses materials to be sewn with an electromechanical cylinder with a diameter of 50 mm. The main advantage is to ensure a constant pressure of the material to be sewn. This constant pressure is also guaranteed when different levels pass through the puller rollers very easily and without hesitation or blocking that would have a negative impact on the operation of the machine.

RP5 BR pneumatic

Our new RP5 BR PNEUMATIC is equipped with a very strong and pratical EFKA DC 1550 series electronic motor. This electronic motor, on the contrary to the traditional ones, enables:
• Sewing speed to be adjusted with the pedal;
• The needle to be stopped in the pre-set position;
• The suitable speed for each operation to be chosen and programmed on the display;
• Best operation thanks to the electronic motor that has construction features higher compared to the traditional ones.
Our RP5 R PNEUMATIC is the result of our commitment to provide customers with the best product as current as possible to meet the needs and demands of the market.

The sewing machine is supplied with the following accessories: Air compressor and cleaning pistol - Spare needles - Sewing kit - Wrenches - Lubrication oil.

RP5 BR pneumatic
Detail of the net sewing machine RP5 BR PNEUMATIC.

RP5 BR pneumatic
It was possible to achieve and to concentrate with the utmost care all the pneumatic and electro-pneumatic commands of our machine. Therefore, the maintenance, the control and the setting are somewhat facilitated.

RP5 BR pneumatic
The control device of all the functions of the motor EFKA DC 1550, the flagship version of the leading company EFKA. It contains all the tabs, the control buttons and technical setting, allowing many automation features that simplify sewing. In addition, the noise impact is practically zero. Besides the high quality of this motor, its peculiarity is that it does not run (avoiding wear and power consumption) when the machine is turned on, but it is not sewing. This feature allows you to save up to 50% energy compared to a conventional motor.

RP5 BR pneumatic
Special steel blunt tipped needle, exclusively Buraschi, designed to avoid damaging the fibers of the net.