RP7 BR pneumatic


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This is to let know about our new RP7 BR PNEUMATIC net sewing machine that is designed to satisfy the increasing demand for machines that sew thicker nets. Therefore, this model is suitable both for medium and high seams of nets with or without knots and rope inserts up to 25 mm in diameter. The following are the main technical characteristic of the RP7 BR PNEUMATIC model.

Sewing thickness of 25 mm is easily achieved, for example net with #5 knot can be joined with a 18/20 mm rope. For the aquaculture field, for example, a 22 mm rope can be sewn to 210/120 net without knots. Sewing area is at the same level of table for a better ergonomic operator position and has no more entangled corner for the nets.

A novelty of this machine is the pneumatic pressure foot that keeps a constant pressure on the material that has to be sewn. Its lifting is bigger in order to facilitate the entrance and exit of the material.

As already implemented on RP5 BR Pneumatic, lifting of the pressure foot is controlled by an efficient and solid cylinder.

An important part of this information sheet must be devoted to the puller. Like the majority of the others installed on our net machines are accessories studied, built and patented especially by us for our machines. Therefore they are not “standard” accessories found on the market and then adapted to the specific needs of the machine on which they have to be installed. Having said this, we herewith confirm that the puller installed on this machine is of the type whith both upper and lower drive roller, with a very powerful traction that suits the thicker nets this machine has to sew.

The puller is synchronised with the length of the stitch and presses materials to be sewn with a pneumatic cylinder 50 mm in diameter. The main advantage is to provide a constant pressure of the material to be sewn. This constant pressure is also provided when different levels pass through the puller rollers very easily and without hesitation or blocking that would have a negative effect on machine operation.

RP7 BR pneumatic

The new RP7 BR PNEUMATIC is equipped with a very strong and practical EFKA DC 1550 electronic motor. This electronic motor, on the contrary to traditional motors, enables:
• Sewing speed to be adjusted with the pedal.
• The needle to be stopped in the pre-set position.
• The suitable speed for each operation to be chosen and programmed on the display.
• Best operation thanks to the electronic motor that has construction features higher compared to the traditional ones.
Below are some key features of our Buraschi RP7 BR PNEUMATIC, which was designed and built thanks to the several decades of close cooperation with our customers.

Our net sewing machine is supplied with the following accessories:
• Air compressor and cleaning pistol
• Spare needles
• Sewing kit
• Wrenches
• Lubrication oil
• Thread support
• Kit double seam

• Sewing Head
• Table top
• Pressure foot controlled by pneumatic cylinder
• Electronic motor with adjustable sewing speed
• Patent pneumatic puller system, with double traction, syncronized with length of the stitch
• Patent knot stopper
• Patent device to prevent the needle from damaging the net & hitting the knots during sewing
• Sewing twine stand
• Two years warranty period

Our RP7 BR PNEUMATIC model is suitable for thicker nets, therefore sewing parts and all mechanical components are appropriately sized to withstand the pressure. Key components have been completely redesigned and are manufactured by machining and not by casting.


RP7 BR pneumatic
Detail of the net sewing machine RP7 BR PNEUMATIC, showing the operational area and many key components made from solid of the AISI 315 special alloy.

RP7 BR pneumatic
It was possible to achieve and to concentrate with the utmost care all the pneumatic and electro-pneumatic commands of our machine. Therefore, the maintenance, the control and the setting are somewhat facilitated.

RP7 BR pneumatic
The control device of all the functions of the motor EFKA DC 1550, the flagship version of the leading company EFKA. It contains all the tabs, the control buttons and technical setting, allowing many automation features that simplify sewing. In addition, the noise impact is practically zero. Besides the high quality of this motor, its peculiarity is that it does not run (avoiding wear and power consumption) when the machine is turned on, but it is not sewing. This feature allows you to save up to 50% energy compared to a conventional motor.

RP7 BR pneumatic
One of the salient features of our net sewing machine BURASCHI RP7 BR PNEUMATIC is that the key components are specially made from solid of the AISI 315 special alloy, extremely superior to the casted components of the traditional machines. In addition, our key components, heat treated with differentiated application in the critical area, are extremely strong, durable and reliable.

RP7 BR pneumatic
Special steel blunt tipped needle, exclusively Buraschi, designed to avoid damaging the fibers of the net.

RP7 BR pneumatic
Standard configuration.

POWERED HEAVY THREAD FEEDER UMT03-RP7 (optional accessory)

Our BURASCHI POWERED HEAVY THREAD FEEDER UMT03-RP7 with stand takes up very little space and it is fitted with a cover for operating with maximum safety and, at the same time, to prevent the operator might break some components accidentally.

It has been designed to be combined with our net sewing machine RP7 BR PNEUMATIC. Our BURASCHI POWERED HEAVY THREAD FEEDER UMT03-RP7 is equipped with three single phase motors 220 V, synchronized with adjustable speed.

It can be used with heavy thread bobbins up to 3 kg, max diameter 15 cm and max height 25 cm. It is provided with safety devices and fuses, and built to CE standards.

Our BURASCHI UMT03-RP7 unit is very useful to minimize the effort the net sewing machine is doing while sewing thick /heavy sewing twine (twisted braided).

The BURASCHI UMT03-RP7 unit is unwinding the spools by its own motors and the net sewing machine receive “freely sewing twine” while performing the stitches.

It is compact and activates on its own. It does not require special attention from the operator as regards the adjustments and from the start it works perfectly. By helping the smooth progress of the yarns it prevents unnecessary stress to the machine and it allows to reduce broken parts caused by the ripping off of the yarn.

Another benefit is a seam in uniform tension, then closer to the surface of the rope/net. Therefore less losses in some spots that are being targeted by the fish.

Another plus is the possible use of heavier yarn that currently cannot be used. It allows the perfect and proper progress of the yarns slidingly , avoiding twists and unnecessary strain on the machine.

You’ll be able to duly appreciate the difference in the seam and the effectiveness of our BURASCHI POWERED HEAVY THREAD FEEDER UMT03-RP7.

RP7 BR pneumatic