RP5 BR pneumatic


It is a tool designed for the Fish Farmer, which allows to evaluate the loss of resistance of the net and the elongation of the mesh, after a certain period in the sea.
The usual way to use it is to test a new net before putting it into the sea, catalog the result and then test the same net after a certain period in the sea, to evaluate the loss of strength and the elongation of the mesh.


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Handy dynamometer for checking the strength of the nets.
The purpose of this instrument is to check the nets once they have been used for a long time in the seawater. Usually, in these conditions the net deteriorates resulting in a loss of strength. This dynamometer is made of two parts, the tester for checking the strength connected to a display which shows the measurement.

This instrument is very compact and handy and because of this it can be brought to the place where the check has to be done. The tester is powered by a rechargeable battery with a 240 V charger. It is also provided a spare battery.

With DYNA 300 DP you can obtain the following information:
- Tensile strength in kg
- Stretching of the mesh in mm
- Stretching percentage of the mesh.

Few reading are needed to obtain an average value before deciding to discard the net. The information you'll see on the display need to be reported manually somewhere. This model DYNA 300 DP do not have any print option.
This instrument is certified and allows a constant stretching of the net during the tensile strength test.

Tabella Dyna 300 DP

By processing an excel sheet with the data collected from the DYNA 300 DP, you can get data , tables and graphs. Below is an example performed with a 210/60 net.


Refer to the ruler for stretching measurement.Stretching percentage can be calculated with the following formula:
Stretching *100/mesh size

The display is powered by a rechargeable battery with an operating range of 36 hours. The battery charger is powered with 240 V





Certificate and reports released with this instrument

CERTIFICATION: DYNA 300DP is an instrument calibrated and certified according to legislative disposition 89/392 CEE and related amendments IIA.
CE: 89/392 CEE IIA - UNI-EN 12100 - UNI-EN 10204
CEI-EN 55011 - CEI-EN 60204-1 - UNI 7670 - ISO 9000