MILA 200

MILA 200

New machine suitable for abrasion resistance & durability test


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Our BURASCHI MILA 200 is a professional and heavy duty machine suitable for abrasion resistance and durability testing. It is a unique equipment in the world market.
The long-term performance of the materials depends not only on physical and chemical degradation processes, but also on the mechanical abrasion resistance. Different kind of testing for abrasion resistance and for durability can be simulated with our special machine BURASCHI MILA 200 on a wide range of materials: net, rope, belt, canvas or others.
We simulated similar condition as in the sea with waves or in other situations like rubbing corners or obstacles. Every material can be tested on this machine for an abrasion resistance and durability inspection. Furthermore, to our knowledge, there are not specific rules regarding how to make the abrasion and resistance testing. Therefore our customer can choose to use its own parameters in order to obtain a clear evaluation of the reliability or not of the material to be tested.

The rotating drum of the standard version of our machine Buraschi MILA 200 has a toothed with different heights surface (version 1) which can be easily modified by the user in a toothed surface (version 2). Knurled surface (version 3) or embossed surface (version 4 ) are available on request.

MILA 200

• Display for showing the speed in meters per minute from 5.6 to 33.2 m per minute, adjustable at will between the two thresholds, to make rubbing /abrasion testing of the material.
• Cooling system that allows to maintain the low temperature of the rotating drum during testing. Such a system can be excluded by the user.
• Operating speed shown on the display.
• Adjustable speed of the rotating drum from 9 to 50 rpm.
• Double rotation of the drum to simulate abrasion testing on “forward and backward”.
• Pressure in kg can be chosen / selected based on the kind of material to be tested to simulate a rubbing abrasion with a heavy or light load.
• Protected key to freeze the display to avoid failure on the simulation.
• Four-digit counter to choose the duration of the test (timing): cycles from 1 to 9999.
• CE marking and rules.
• Single phase 240V - 50/60Hz

MILA 200


MILA 200
MILA 200
MILA 200
MILA 200

MILA 200
Double rotation of the drum

MILA 200
Tensile Stress in kg during Abrasion Test: Adjustable from 1 kg to 20.8 kg

MILA 200
Display for showing the speed in meters per minute from 5.6 to 33.2 m per minute

MILA 200
Four-digit Counter to Choose the Duration of the Test (Timing): Cycles from 1 to 9999