rope marker cm3b


Machine for measuring, marking, and cutting ropes


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Our Buraschi Rope Marker CM3/B is a special machine allowing to make measurements, two-colour staining and hot cutting the ropes both straight and oblique, with great precision. The Buraschi Rope Marker CM3/B can be used with ropes of 8 mm diameter up to 25 mm (0.31 in up to 1.00 in) and allows, thanks to a sophisticated software program, to record and store a wide range of these executions and automatically repeat them as many times as you want. The cuts are made with absolute precision, and in a short time you will lower your working time considerably. You will also avoid different and inaccurate outcomes of measuring, marking and cutting your ropes.

Equipped with wheels, the Buraschi Rope Marker CM3/B can be moved wherever it is needed in your plant. It is perfectly able to work with coils of 250 m and to continue working at the end of the coil with a simple splicing with the new coil without losing data, and maintaining the accuracy 1% and precision of the work program to be executed.
The Buraschi Rope Marker CM3/B is easy to use and once you have started the program you have chosen, it works without the need for an operator. When the program ends a beeping sound will alert you to proceed with a new execution of your choice.
The BURASCHI two-colour staining process will allow you to easily identify the various pieces to be cut, cutting them in large quantities as needed and making inventories of various sizes cut. This saves time and labour costs. And it is all done with absolute precision!
Moreover, the Buraschi Rope Marker CM3/B allows to easily establish a precise program for each type of order to perform and to store the file for any order. Programs can then be loaded to repeat the process as needed.

We have done some trials and following are the related process time which will give you an idea about the performance of the machine.
No operator is needed during the working cycle.
The test was made on twisted rope of 18 mm polysteel.

• How long does it take to measure one rope 20 m long and to add 6 marks with single colour on each piece?
Time needed 64”
• How long does it take to measure one rope 5 m long and to add 6 marks with single colour?
Time needed 29”
• How long does it take to measure one rope 30 m long?
Time needed 65”

Test made on 1 complete coil of rope 220 m long, cut into 19 ropes 10.8 m long and marked 5 times on each piece, and 4 ropes 2.4 m long with 5 marks each. Time needed for all the job 25 minutes without operator standing by.

• Transmission pulley and brake at 1,800 mm height from the ground
• Powered pulley coated with rubber
• Idle pulley for pneumatic contrast
• Electronic meter with instrument for setting marking cycles
• Inerasable bicolors marker
• Rope feeding speed from 5 to 30 m/minute
• Air compressor
• Knot sensor and rope end sensor
• Frame with locking feet and wheels
• Hot cutter system and smoke vacuum
• PC serial port
• Voltage: 220 - 240 V single phase

rope marker

rope marker



rope marker cm3b

rope marker cm3b

rope marker cm3b
Colouring with two different colours and sizes according to the needs of the customer


rope marker cm3b

rope marker cm3b
Device for adjusting the angle of the cutting

rope marker cm3b
Straight cut

rope marker cm3b
Angle cut


rope marker cm3b